Student Ambassadors

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Webmaker Event

The Webmaker event on 23rd September 2013 was carried out with great success and due enthusiasm. It saw the presence of most of our professors. Most students participated with a great interest. They were all given Webmaker stickers. The tees will be distributed to all the winners within a week. We gifted the Webmaker table cloth to the Computer Department. Most students were working a lot eagerly on their websites. Amazing innovative ideas were witnessed.

7 pm after the event was over students kept working.

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Pooja took a number of sessions in college.
These included:

Mozilla Labs

Firefox OS sessions
Firefox OS apps.

Students listening eagerly

The students actively should their response for the same. A alot was learnt through the sessions. It was kept pretty easy and interactive.

After the sessions there were a couple of hands on lab. The students got all their queries solved. Pooja helped alot with all the doubts.

hands on lab.

An exam on the various sessions taken and the various technologies covered. The students were given Mozilla stickers for which. :)

A webmaker competition will be held on 23rd September 2013, where students will use webmaker to come up with innovative sites. Mozilla goodies will be distributed to the winners! :)
The event banner.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

The new start!

3rd July 2013 Mozilla Club at Sinhgad Institute of Technology(SIT) was born!
An overwhelming response from the whole college was witnessed.  A session was conducted by Pooja Ahuja(Mozilla Ambassador for SIT). The students got acquainted with open source. What contributions can be done to it and its benefits. Moving ahead the were told about various Mozilla products. Each and every student was fascinated by it. They were introduced to Mozilla Labs then. A lot of vibe was in the air. Pooja Spent a whole day doing various sessions and getting people to know more and help them willingly.
The club is surely gonna come up with flying colors.
We are proud to be MozSitians! \/
Pictures of yesterday's event.

Pooja taking the session.